I punched my XPS.

Gnome finally has a 'No frills' ability according to Matt as the team discuss the virtues of fancy tricks over good old comfort zones. Dell launches an Ubuntu laptop on their XPS range but Pete is less than impressed given Dell's bed hopping when it comes to operating systems.

We seem to be breaking the supposed cardinal rule of podcasting and talking a hell of a lot about other shows as Matt tells us all about Joe Ressington's new show Linux Luddites. Everyone loves Cyanogen? Clearly Google doesn't as they demanded the installer for Cyanogen is removed from the play store or they'll remove it for them! Shades of Microsoft's "There should only be one OS on computers." Springs to mind.

Creative Commons releases 4.0 of its license. Pete enthuses to Matt at some of the changes while Matt seems to have an air of "Meh" about him.

Matt's Cat
Yep it's a whole new section as we jump on the bandwagon of the growing number of geek cat lovers and their #caterday on the Interwebs.

It began in South Africa
"Canonical should hire a Community Manager." Slightly controversial but we do like to stir things up on this show. The guys discuss an article entitled The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu which nicely rounds up the last twelve months of turmoil within and created by Canonical nee Ubuntu. Sadly Pete makes Matt very depressed with his "Here, use my car" analogy.

I hate your Blog

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There will be one more show (Our Christmas one.) And then that's it! ................................for 2013

The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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