Maelstrom in a Mircup?

This episode starts off very rude and sadly gets no better as Matt consumes more wine. Hands up all those who remember LugRadio? Well the godfather of podcasting Jono Bacon is back again with a new show called Badvoltage a shameless rip-off of #tdtrs yet done by people who actually know what they are talking about apparently?

USB Forum has basically told hobbyists to "Fook off" when it comes to using the official Vendor and Product ID's so the the tdtrs team suggest making up your own numbers.
"What! You don't like our game? Oi Youtube, take that video down." Yep Matt tells us all about an outrageous situation whereby a game producer has issued a DMCA notice to Youtube and had a member of the publics review of their game taken down.
Linus Torvalds will clearly not be happy until he has picked a fight with just about everyone on the planet it would seem as Pete tells us how Linus bitches about the fact Fedora uses old kernels in its install images.

Archie Woof, woof

It began in South Africa
Did you know the latest release of OSX is called Mavericks? And did you also know that Ubuntu 10.10 was called Maverick? Well here's a scary thought, both releases are where it all started to go wrong so is the name Maverick jinxed we ask.

I hate your Blog

Main Topic
Hand gestures. Some of you may remember the team discussed Leap Motion as well as Point and Grab and using a wave of your hand to control your system? Well Google as you'd expect has entered the arena and purchased Flutter a startup in the hand gesture technology field.


The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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