Fork off you utter cad.

We actually have a correction! Yes I know it's hard to believe but we do. Good friend of the show Shane Marks gives us the name of the Microsoft Surface guy that Pete was so desperately searching for last episode.

We kick off with a discussion about Cyanogen becoming a $7 Million company but is that bad news for someone else? (Guillaume Lesniak's marathon post.) Germany says "Nein" to Microsoft and start handing out it's own flavour of Ubuntu. But Pete enthuses about Firefox for crappy Windows 8.

Android and iOS release a version of BBM but then Blackberry announce they're shedding 40% of their workforce!

Archie Woof, woof
Yes we have some content this episode. Something about sysctl being depreciated or something?

It began in South Africa

I hate your blog
Our Swiss correspondent Beni suggested it's all his fault so don't blame us.

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OggCamp at Liverpool
19th & 20th October
Venue: LJMU Art & Design Academy,
Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, L3 5RB

The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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